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Monday, January 2, 2012

Back again (temporarily)

In September (is it really that long ago?) I temporarily stopped updating this blog for reasons mentioned back then.  In the meantime I have been working on other miniatures, which you will be able to see on Marion's Miniatures shortly (I hope).  However, I couldn't resist going back to making plants hence the beautiful hanging basket which I have filled with pansies and pink daisies today.  The basket came with the kit from Variaatjes.  Many more to come, over time, because I still have a shoe box full of kits.

This basket contains 21 pansies and 17 daisies.  It kept me busy for the best part of the day....... :-)

As you can see, not glued but attached to the wall with real nails

A pleasant entrance to the shop

That's it for today beside my warm welcome to another round of followers.  Wondering now who number 100 will be...  No time today to welcome you all personally, but insofar you have a blog I have paid a visit in the meantime and liked what I saw.  And above all: A Happy New Year to all of my followers.