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Saturday, June 19, 2010

My heart wasn't in it...

Look at the picture.  Can you tell my heart wasn't in it?

It also was a kit and an obviously much cheaper one than I have made up before.  I bought it at a show and for the money there's really nothing wrong with it, but I should have realised it was meant for a complete novice.  Without bragging I would say that over time I have graduated to a higher lever. ;-)  Well, they might find a place somewhere in my florist's, at the back......

This really made me decide that I need to get some good punches and experiment myself.  Paper is no problem, as I have already obtained some good quality rice paper, but the lack of punches is the main problem.  Once I have a few I can try and experiment.  Plenty of examples in the garden. :-) 

That reminds me.  I saw some really beautiful life size, that is 'real' peonies on someone's blog this morning.  Unfortunately I have forgotten who's blog, but I am sure I will come across it again some time.  Anyway, I was going to use the pictures to make my own and then realised that I had made them already from a kit, but haven't shown them to you yet:

Now, this one may take pride of place, somewhere at the front?  I love the vase too.  Those kits from VaRIAatjes always come with an appropriate beautiful vase or container.   No, I won't go on about the VaRIAatjes kits, I promise.  (I don't have shares either LOL)  It's just that I have so many of the kits and still lots to go, so you might hear me mention it again now and then....

Off to my next job.  I have started on a doll's pram for a change. When that's finished I will show it in my general blog.  Have a nice day!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Did I mention tulips?

This is how far I got:

I managed to colour the petals and make the cuts for the fine fringe and discovered....... that I had forgotten to bring my paint.  Silly.  But, I thought I show you that my intentions were good. ;-)

Well, there's always another kit.  And no, this time I am not going to say or promise anything.  I'll just see how I go first and show you the finished product.  Don't hold your breath though, it won't be tonight. LOL

Growing some more plants...

I've finally managed to add another plant to my collection: a standard hibiscus. Since I am not at home at the moment, my hobbying is limited to what I can take with me.  VaRIAatjes Workshopboxes are my favorite, because not only do I still need lots of plants for the shop, the kits contain everything I need and list on the back exactly what tools I need, so I can easily work away from home.  So, here's a picture of the finished product:

I am quite happy with the result, and also with the planter that was included in the kit! Now I am going to start on a kit with Parrot Tulips.  I've made lots of tulips before, but these are different and I reckon, more beautiful.  Wish me luck. ;-)

I wanted to welcome a lot more followers to this blog, but since I have problems with the wireless connection where I am (this posting took a lot of repeated log-ins) I'd better wait till I am back home again.  Be assured that I appreciate all you new friends out there and I am already following all of your blogs too, to my knowledge.  It's so great, this wonderful world of bloggers from far away in most cases.  Thank you all for sharing.  As for the tulips: watch this space. :-)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My new blog

It doesn't look like it here, but I have been working hard. I have started another blog for my miniature hobby in general. Go and have a look at Marion's Miniatures. Enjoy.