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Sunday, July 31, 2011

And steady she goes...

The most boring part has been finished now: the slates on the roof!  I thought I would never see the end of it.  Just been unlucky this time, because I finished the roof on my witch's cottage much quicker (and neater!).  It really doesn't help when you go away on a three months holiday and forget to pack away your paperclay in a sealed plastic bag.  That was one.  Next thing is that this time I didn't have long continueous periods to work and you can tell, every little batch looked different.  Then there were the interruptions: doorbell, phone call...  You come back to your job and notice the dried clay on your work board or dried glue on your roof.  Ah well, it's done now and since paperclay is quite forgiving once it's been painted it still looks half decent.  This is the result of a week's hard work (I have forgotten to take a picture of the roof with just the paperclay done, but at least there is the one of the bay window):

roof on the bay window done

the roof painted and 'gutters' attached and painted

I have decided to paint the window sills green as well

There's even a planter with gereniums

looking through the window

shop doorbell attached
If you, like me, never work to a plan then sometimes you have to make changes, minor or major.  This time a ran into quite a major change which required me to put the whole building on the scroll saw:

shop on the scroll saw
 As I had never planned to use paperclay for this scene I needed to cut off a bit from the base.  The plan is to have a slightly higher footpath next to the building and the street at a slightly lower level.  So I cut off the bit for the street and will glue a new square base underneath the existing one, ending up with two different levels.
It will perhaps become a bit clearer once I can show you the picture of the finished base once the glue is dry.

cutting of the part for the "street"
 Well that's all for now.  I'd wanted to welcome new followers, but it took too long (been neglecting you people for too long, my fault) and it's way past my bed time. 

See you, folks...


  1. Wow! Fantastic house.
    Bye Faby

  2. Un proyecto precioso, espero que nos muestre pronto la decoración. Un saludo, Eva

  3. Hallo Marion, ich bewundere dein Häuschen, es ist allerliebst und wunderschön.
    Heute abend habe ich an dich gedacht, weil ich nämlich angefangen habe, einige Babyfotoalben zu machen und das Fotoalbum von dir in der Hand hatte. Es ist mein "Tutorial".
    Wenn sie fertig sind, zeige ich sie.
    Es ist so schön, wieder etwas von deinem Blumenladen zu sehen !!!
    Schöne Grüße

  4. Hi, thank you for visiting and for your comments and Nina, how lovely to see you again. Hope all goes well with your photoalbum. Looking forward to seeing the result. Any questions, just ask. I am commenting anonymous, because Google doesn't want to recognise me anymore. :-)
    Regards Marion


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