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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Welcome and a little note

I posted this welcome just after I finished my regular update, and on the same day, so have a look at my other post as well so as not to miss the progress on my florist.

A long neglected welcome to all my new followers.  I haven't worked on this blog for a while and besides I have been on a three month holiday, so it's easy to lag behind in those circumstances.  However, today I wish you all a warm welcome and thank you for following my blog.  I hope you'll find something of interest now and then.

I would like to welcome all of you by name and with your link, so that other people may be able to find you as well, because your blogs (if you have one) are certainly worth reading.  For those who are a new follower, but don't have a blog (or I couldn't find one in your profile) be assured you're just as welcome. :-)

So, welcome to:

Annina at Miniatures by Annina -
Eva at Casita de Regaliz -
Muriel at Le Coffre D'Emilie -
Eli en Karina
Tonyina from Barcelona - at Can Tonyina Minis -
Fabiola from Italy at Il Monda Magico di Fabiola -
Choupraville at Mini Rivoli -
Petra from Hamburg in Germany at Meine Kleinigkeiten - 
Treefeathers at Life in Miniature -
Elis at Minis-onesecondlife -
Rosamargarita at La Tapatia -



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