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Saturday, March 17, 2012

A cabinet with hutch for the shop

I am briefly back to show you what I have made for the Florist: a cabinet with hutch.  It would be a lovely cabinet for a country shop, but I couldn't wait so I thought it would be nice enough among the plants and flowers.  It's hand painted as well and I used a well known theme (in the Netherlands), that of Hen & Rooster.  Or in Dutch Kip & Haan.

Normally I take pictures as I go, but this time I was working so concentrated that I all but forgot until it was well and truly finished. Anyway, this cabinet I built from scratch.  I looked up some pictures of similar cabinets on the Internet and drew up my own plan.  Since I have a thicknesser for miniature woodwork I can use whatever wood I have available.  In this case I have used slats from old Venetian blinds.  The only part I am not happy with is the doors.  I wanted to hinge them with pins at the top and bottom, but I tried a more complicated way that did not work.  Instead of rounding off the side of the doors to accommodate the opening and closing I tried to drill the holes off centre, but the pins stuck out.  I think the holes were a bit to close to the side.  Anyway, I solved the hinge problem by using pieces of fabric.  It doesn't look as good, but it will have to do.  Once in the shop with plants and other stuff all around it doesn't matter as much anyway.

So, here's the cabinet:

The pictures aren't the best, but the sky was very overcast today and I didn't want to wait for better light.

I have noticed that I have a lot of new followers again.  Too many to mention one by one, so may I please welcome you all collectively?  I hope you'll enjoy reading my blog.

The list of followers made me think of something.  If there's anybody from around Buffalo, NY who reads my blog I would like to tell you that I am planning a trip to your country later in the year.  It would be nice to meet like minded people or to find out if there is a dollshouse and miniature club somewhere in or near Buffalo.

Bye for now...