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Monday, October 27, 2014


Just a quick update to show that I am still alive and kicking!

From time to time I try to go back to my hobby, but I am still not always in the right frame of mind after the loss of my husband.  However, something is pulling me in the right direction... :-)

After a bit of work on my dollshouse I wanted to go back to my florist and do some work on the upstairs floor.  The workbench needed a few drawers or something to hold tools and stuff, so I decided to go for baskets.

As the walls, and therefore the workbench, are not square it takes a bit of extra work, but in reality it is not too difficult.  The baskets I am making of balsa (bottom) and paper (woven part).  It is a very simple procedure albeit time consuming, but that's miniatures for you.

I haven't finished the work yet, but wanted to show a few pictures of what I am doing at present.  The blue basket on the bench is a finished product that I made some time ago. It's also made of paper.

An update will follow when I have finished the baskets.  Till then.

Monday, June 23, 2014

The rest of the kits

Indeed I had more time to make flowers.  I had brought three kits with me and discovered a little plastic bag with a waterlilies workshop, so I have been able to keep myself busy.  After the hollyhocks followed a pink hibiscus, an orchid (Phalaenopsis) and the waterlilies.  I also made a cyclamen, but that was done with some material that my friend still had lying around.  The waterlilies aren't finished yet, so hence no picture.

pink hibiscus


That's all for the moment.  You'll see more when I feel like it again... (plenty of kits to go)

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

More flowers

On holiday in New Zealand and staying with a friend who also has miniatures for a hobby, I couldn't help but make some more flowers for either my florist or to just plant in a garden one day.  I'd packed some kits in my suitcase and the weather appeared to be just right for some indoor fun: it's been raining on and off!

We both have a series of kit sets for plant/flower making and we both happened to have hollyhocks.  So, a picture to show the results:

I do have a few more kits at hand, but don't know how we will be going timewise.  You'll find out when I update my blog again. ;-)