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Friday, February 5, 2010

Planter with pink geraniums

This picture should speak for itself. The planter with geraniums is meant for the dormer window if I am not going to change my mind (which sometimes can be an irritating habit.....).


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  2. OOPS I said Hydrangea lol silly me should look a little harder in a rush see they are gorgeous!!!!

  3. Te han quedado preciosas y muy reales.
    besitos ascension

  4. Oh Marion... your flowers are so beautiful. I like it.

    Nice to meet you on my blog. My Husband and I... we love Australia. We was in many Regions from your country... the last 10 years... 10 stays (all 6 weeks long. We love it.

    Sorry, my english isen't

    I hope see and here you again.

    Hugs from Germany PuNo/Monika

  5. Thanks all, for your lovely messages and Monika, Australia is just as beautiful as Deutschland ;-) and next time you're coming over you must come for a visit!

  6. The geraniums are so sweet. I'm glad to find another mini builder who has constant changes of mind LOL My projects are pretty 'organic' too, more often than not my original plan, such as it might be, goes totally out of the mini window ;)

    I've ordered an Easy Cutter online from company located in Victoria "Hobby Tools Australia" - I hope it won't take too long to arrive because I've got lots of window/door framing to cut.

    I went to Bunnings on the weekend to get some bits and pieces but forgot to take the name of the glass spray so that'll have to wait for another day.

    I just noticed your comment about using liquid nails instead of wood glue for the main construction - I hadn't thought of that so thanks for the tip. I assume that even tho it's a bit messy it'll clean up with a damp rag.

  7. Hi Marion,I love your geranius flowers.Your work is amazing!Miniregards from Spain.


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