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Monday, October 11, 2010

Building again

One can't always make plants and flowers.  One needs a building to house them!  So, I have taken up working on my florist again.  My hubby has helped me this morning with electrifying.  Boy, that's the best part of building: seeing everything lit up!  I know the basics of electricity, but hubby, having been an electrician by trade, always has some handy hints, so I am learning as I go.  He instructs, I do the work.  Best way to remember what to do next time when I am trying to do this.

This time I have two downlights in the bay window of the shop and one light in the dormer upstairs.  Since I am using MDF it's very simple, just drill a few holes and with the router create a channel where needed.

Remember these?

They now have the lights in them:

And the dormer:

I don't know what kind of lamp I will have in this little room upstairs, but at least there's light!  Initially I wanted a kind of fluro, but can't get it here, and since I am impatient I am not going to wait till I can get one. ;-)

Downstairs I will make a kind of cupboard in the back of the shop which will house the plug for the lights.  At the moment I have created a temporary connection:

And this is what it looks like from the outside.  I should have probably waited till night time, but will take another picture later on.

My hubby is working on the spiral stairs.  He's started them some 10 years ago, just for fun, but promised he would finish them now so I can use them in the shop.  This is where they were at when I discovered them in my box full of 'junk':

It's not much to look at, but while I am writing this I can hear a lot of noice (scroll saw, sanding disk) from the garage, so I guess I will have something more to show next time...

Okay, dinner time!!!  See you around....


  1. Una genial idea y un trabajo fantastico, me encanta tu floristeria con luces.
    Seguro que la escalera estara pronto terminada, espero ver la fotografia, seguro que sera genial.
    besitos ascension

  2. Esta floristería estará con muchos clientes, porque las luces iluminan el escaparate y eso es muy comercial :)
    Estas haciendo un gran trabajo. Las luces del escaparate perfectas cómo si fueran halogenos.
    La lámpara de la buhardilla ahora no es importante, pero tener la luz hasta ahí si.
    Besos Clara


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