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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Starting on the walls

I am very pleased with my self, but my back is screaming.  It needs a rest.  So, for tonight I show you what I have been able to do today and then it's off to bed....

All went well so far.  I have painted the floor boards with a coat of gloss semi-transparent baltic pine.  I like the colour, but not the gloss.  I had a big can still left from another job, so I thought I'd better use it.  I am going to try and sand back the floor and then put on bees wax.  Hopefully it will look a bit more worn.  But I do like the colour, so that's great.

You can't see this, but the ceiling hase been done with decorative white wallpaper.  It's a bit like an old fashioned decorative plaster ceiling.  I've tried to take a picture, but I can't get it focussed, so you'll have to believe me. ;-)

What you can see is the plastered wall.  I have left the wall to the right to be done later, because I have other plans with that one.  If I can manage what I have in mind I'll show you tomorrow.  The other walls are done with paperclay.  Very difficult to do it on the inside when the walls are in place, but I had no choice.  I am curious as how much it will shrink overnight.  Well, I guess I'll see the damage tomorrow....

And I couldn't help myself, but next is a picture with the lights on.  It looks so real.


  1. De kleur van de vloer is erg mooi...heel warm!
    Het ziet er al heel goed uit Marion, ik ben benieuwd naar de rest, maar gun je rug maar eventjes rust ;-)

  2. Ich liebe diesen Fußboden !!!!
    Und auch die paperclay Wände.
    Hast du das paperclay sofort angeklebt?
    Und was tust du wenn es schrumpft?
    Ich möchte in meinem nächsten Projekt auch mal mit paperclay arbeiten, learning by seeing and asking.
    Die Atmosphäre ist schon ganz gut.
    So long, Nina

  3. It looks great! What are you using to plaster the walls?

  4. Enhorabuena, has hecho un fantastico trabajo, me encanta.
    besitos ascension

  5. Marion, esta ya muy adelantada. El color del suelo esta perfecto. El escaparate iluminado me encanta. Ahora a descansar a gusto.
    Besos Clara

  6. It does look wonderful with the light on, I love the walls and would like to do mine similar, paperclay eh? Must investigate this.


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