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Monday, May 24, 2010

It's slow going.....

..... but I'm getting there. Since I had to go back to the woodcrafters' this morning to finish some dovetail work on magazine holders that I am making I thought I might as well take my florist's and finish what I can while I am there. I'd done the angles for the roof at home, as well as the opening for the dormer window, but I needed to take my scroll saw in for a 'tune-up' since the blade wouldn't stay in the centre. There's always a friendly helping hand around, so I came home again happy. The magazine holders I wasn't so happy with, but I won't go into detail, since they have nothing to do with my florist's. At the club I have access to a bigger disk sander as well as a belt sander, so I got the angles on the roof done properly. I could have used a plane, but I can't eyeball the angles very well, so the sander gives me a better support and I can see what I am doing.

dormer window and its roof in the making

roof and dormer window finished

view from a different angle

dormer inside

It doesn't look like I have done a lot, but I have unintentionally taken on a difficult job with all the angles. However, it's a good learning curve and I am not unhappy with the result so far. One drawback though is the clarity of pictures. You can see where I have been cheating with the dormer on the inside to fix the wrong angle of the inside wall...... :-)

The opening between wall and window is to be fitted with a window sill, but alas, there are only so many hours in a day and I have too many projects going simultaneously.

I also had in mind to welcome my followers on this blog, but it has taken up almost all week to list the 65!!! on my other blog, that of the witch's cottage, so please be patient and I will get around to it. It's nice though, to see that my florist's also attracts regular visitors. Did you know I like comments too???? ;-)


  1. Hallo Marion,
    I think, everyone likes comements.
    Until now I watch the steps of the flowershop.
    Today with your last post the shop got a little bit more ready and it is admirable.
    Your work with the dormer window is great.
    I look forward which colours you will take.
    Is this house on your one mind?
    ( Sorry my English )

    So long, Nina

  2. I'm impressed that you are even attempting to work with all those angles! Great job Marion.

    Are you going to make (or maybe already have?) the flowers for the shop? Flowers scare the pants of me, the thought of all those little bits of paper!! -- eeeek - give me a bit of wood any day... Having said that I keep looking at the roses in Lea Frison's book (they are strips rather than lots of individual pieces) and know that I must tackle them some rainy day :)

  3. Hi Nina, Thank you so much for your comment, in English! I know how hard it is to write in a different language. I just left a comment on your blog in German! ;-) I don't know yet what colour I am going to use, but it's going to be an 'old' looking house. It just grows while I am building. I don't have any plans for it nor do I have anything in particular in mind.....

  4. Hi Norma,

    A few blogs back I have shown the flowers and plants I have made so far. I just love making plants, but as usual there is this perpetual lack of time. In my case I had to build the shop because of the flowers. I had so many and didn't know what to do with them, because so few of my projects are finished. I will 'sell' them off gradually later to whatever project I finish. But then....... I'll need more for the shop or....... the shop is going to be 'sold' and I might start 'selling' other items that I have a surplus of. :-) Isn't it great to be able to live in miniland and make all these decisions without the dreaded red tape? LOL

  5. Oh Marion that's going to be the cutest little shop. All those wonderful angles give it so much charm and character!

  6. Wat wordt dit ee ontzettend leuk winkeltje Maripn, het doet me een beetje aan het snoepwinkeltje uit mijn jeugd denken, echt heel erg mooi


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