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Saturday, June 19, 2010

My heart wasn't in it...

Look at the picture.  Can you tell my heart wasn't in it?

It also was a kit and an obviously much cheaper one than I have made up before.  I bought it at a show and for the money there's really nothing wrong with it, but I should have realised it was meant for a complete novice.  Without bragging I would say that over time I have graduated to a higher lever. ;-)  Well, they might find a place somewhere in my florist's, at the back......

This really made me decide that I need to get some good punches and experiment myself.  Paper is no problem, as I have already obtained some good quality rice paper, but the lack of punches is the main problem.  Once I have a few I can try and experiment.  Plenty of examples in the garden. :-) 

That reminds me.  I saw some really beautiful life size, that is 'real' peonies on someone's blog this morning.  Unfortunately I have forgotten who's blog, but I am sure I will come across it again some time.  Anyway, I was going to use the pictures to make my own and then realised that I had made them already from a kit, but haven't shown them to you yet:

Now, this one may take pride of place, somewhere at the front?  I love the vase too.  Those kits from VaRIAatjes always come with an appropriate beautiful vase or container.   No, I won't go on about the VaRIAatjes kits, I promise.  (I don't have shares either LOL)  It's just that I have so many of the kits and still lots to go, so you might hear me mention it again now and then....

Off to my next job.  I have started on a doll's pram for a change. When that's finished I will show it in my general blog.  Have a nice day!


  1. Hi Marion.

    The peonies are just gorgeous....that kit is definitely on my wish list....the real peonies you were talking about were on Josje's blog (A Beautiful World). I actually think that the first picture is quite nice - maybe it just needs a vase with a bigger hole, and for the wires to be bent around a bit so everything isn't so straight. I know what you mean when your heart isn't in it's hard to "like" what you've made when you were aiming for a different look. Well I think they are pretty anyway! xxxx Carolyn

  2. Thanks for the compliment, Carolyn. I might follow up your suggestion and get a decent vase. I'm not at home right now, so it'll have to wait. I might even make one and put my Fimo to good use again. :-) Or else, I make up a bouquet, wrap it in paper and have it for sale in the shop. That way you won't see much of the straight stems that are very difficult to bend. The wire is too thick to do anything decent with it. Ah well, you live and learn... Now I'm going to finish off Dorothee's pram that was still amongst my kits-to-do.

  3. Hello Marion,

    your vase with the peonies is lovely.

    And the flowers of your first picture are pretty. But I can feel, what you mean with your sentence "your heart isn't in". I think, the tipp from Carolyn to try another vase is a very good tipp. May be that the wires are too long for this vase.

    We have a special type of arranging flowers - I don't know, whether you know this style? We call it "Biedermeierstrauss". Biedermeier is a epoch in Europe from 1815 to 1845. The flowers where cut quite short, every flower has the same length - and then the flower bouquet is small, round and narrow. The shape is like a half of a ball. There is no hole between the flowers. And some people make a special paperlace round the bouquet. I like these type of bouquets. Sometimes the bridal bouquets are made in this style. Sorry, my english is not the best.

    I can imagine that the flowers you made could look total different when you make such a "Biedermeierstrauss". Perhaps this is the imagine you have about your flowers?

    Have a nice weekend
    hugs and greetings from Bavaria, Germany, Marion

  4. Hi Bastrota, also thank you for your compliment and your help. Being from The Netherlands originally I am quite familiar with Biedemeier, so I understand what you are telling me. In English we call such an arrangement often a "posy" and I don't even know how I would call it in Dutch. :-) I may try it, but it's not really the arrangement I not happy with. It's the flowers themselves. In my opinion they are not life like and too simplistic with awful colours. The stocks don't look like stocks and the lillies have obvious golden stamens that look artifical. I'm a whinger tonight, aren't I??? ;-) Never mind, I'll find a solution. With so many helpfull friends around I can't miss. Bye the way, your English is fine, and if you want to write in German that's fine with me too, because I can read German very well (speaking or writing is a bit difficult after so many years since I left school) A big hug too and have a nice weekend Bastrota.

  5. The peonies are wonderful. I can see that there is something lacking in the others, maybe it's because there is not colour variation in the petals?? I'm sure you will find something to so with them tho, I try to live the by the 'rule' of use everything somewhere, as you say they could be wrapped ready to be picked up by a customer, or stay at the back of your display. I'm sure you'll work it out :)

  6. Thank you too, Norma. And I agree, something will come up! Bye the way, did you manage to ring the supplier about your easy cutter????

  7. Hi Marion,

    thank you for your compliment and for teaching me a new word: posy. I like to learn more ;-) May be that I will write in German, sometimes.

    No, you are not a whinger. I don't think.

    I understand what you are feeling.

    Manchmal geht es mir auch so wenn ich eine andere Vorstellung habe von dem, was ich anfertigen will.

    Du findest sicher eine tolle Loesung!

    Dir auch ein wunderschoenes Wochenende und eine Umarmung zurueck an dich

  8. Maravillosos tus trabajos y tu blog.Enhorabuena¡¡¡


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