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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

More flowers

On holiday in New Zealand and staying with a friend who also has miniatures for a hobby, I couldn't help but make some more flowers for either my florist or to just plant in a garden one day.  I'd packed some kits in my suitcase and the weather appeared to be just right for some indoor fun: it's been raining on and off!

We both have a series of kit sets for plant/flower making and we both happened to have hollyhocks.  So, a picture to show the results:

I do have a few more kits at hand, but don't know how we will be going timewise.  You'll find out when I update my blog again. ;-)


  1. These are absolutely beautiful!

    LOVE your blog! It gave me the courage to try paperclay, and get the results I was hoping for. Your minis are wonderful!


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