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Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Back again after 7 years...

 I have ome back to my miniatures again after a very long absence, and I am starting to enjoy it again. I am currently working on all the unfinished projects.  There are plenty. :-)  My Witch's Cottage is one, and then there is my bigger dollshouse and, of course, the Florist. The Witch's Cottage (if you are interested) is nearly finished. The Florist has my main interest at the moment.

In 20214 I finished the baskets for the upstairs workbench. Since then I have added a few more items.  Well, since then as in this week! ;-)

Towel, soap and container on the wall added

bucket, dust brush and broom added.
The big container with the tissue needs some more work done.

Items added to the workbench, like pruners, garden gloves,
a basket with twine, a mug and the flowers needed
to create a huge bouquet in the big vase on the floor

A garden gnome for the shop.  Happy that you can only
see the imperfections when you look at the picture.... ;-)

A display bench in the making.  Colours kept in line with the upstairs funiture.

The display bench in place, next to a basket cabinet I made years ago

I also made a few crates to lift the plants somewhat higher
and make room for extra 'for sale' items in the shop. 
The basket contains seasonal catalogues for plants and seeds.

The display bench in place with some of the plants I have made. 
The tiles in the oblong basket are 'real' tiles, decorated with decals. 
The gnome is hanging about waiting for its rightful place in the shop.

An overview of the shop nearing its finished stage.

A wall-mounted earthenware pot with plants

Street view.  The plant on the right needs a clearer picture. 
It's a Xanthorrhoea or 'grass tree', native to Australia.

The street has a name and the shop a house number.
Pepermuntlaantje translates into: Peppermint Lane.

A few night shots:


  1. it's a lovely florist both inside and outdoors.
    Great work!
    Welcome back to Blogland!
    Hugs, Drora

  2. Welcome back! I am glad that you are back. Never late for miniatures! Fine shop!

  3. Thank you both. It's a great community and I will be looking at blogs again too. Inspiration and admiration!


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